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High Voltage (HV): Built-in resilience

Rotating electrical machines in the high voltage range must permanently withstand maximum stress. A perfectly coordinated insulation system forms the foundation to meeting these high standards and to achieving the desired performance of generators, motors and drives. Based on many years of experience in the processing of mica and resins, ISOVOLTA offers the highest quality mica tapes and the necessary system products for generators of all types and sizes, as well as for manufacturing and repairing engines.

Low Voltage & Transformer (LVT): Inherent peak performance for the day-to-day life

Medium and low voltage insulation material support and facilitate the daily life without really being noticed. They are found in electrical household appliances, cars, elevators, subways or automatic doors. The ever-growing needs of an increasingly automated environment constantly present new challenges to ISOVOLTA.

ISOVOLTA specializes in the production of medium and low voltage flexible laminates and coated materials and offers an extensive product portfolio, which contributes significantly to ensuring high efficiency and a long service life of generators, motors, transformers, coils and electronic components.

Custom-made energy solutions developed by ISOVOLTA and a global network of production and sales locations additionally ensure internationally consistent quality standards and personal on-site service for customers.


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