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Quality, Innovation and Technology

With customer service second to none, Isovolta Inc. has an excellent reputation for delivering quality products, on time with superb quality consistance. Over the years, Isovolta Inc. has established a strong record of VPI technology. They have developed several specific VPI products to meet the demanding needs of the high voltage electrical industry. One example is a mica tape with a very flexible B-stage resin incorporated in the tape. This breakthrough technology in flexible B-stage tapes assisted greatly in improving productivity and performance at several of the major coil manufactureres.

The Isovolta Inc. testing capabilities, all located at the facility laboratories in Rutland, to support customer insulation systems for low, medium and high voltage applications can be summarized as follows:

1. Straight bar machine taping.
2. Aging ovens to determine weight loss: Resins and composites
3. Tetex bridge : Dissipation factor at RT and elevated temperature
4. Wayne Kerr Bridge : DF and Capacitance @ 100 / 400 / 1000 / 10000 Hz
5. Phoenix power supplies : Hipot and Voltage endurance at RT and elevated temperature. IEEE1043 using ovens.
6. DC leakage test
7. Instron for Tensile and Flexural measurements
8. Gurley Hill flexibility tester
9. Air porosity measurement
10. Williams penetration test
11. High temperature furnace for ignition weight loss measurements
12. Microscope analysis
13. We also utilize the ISOVOLTA Group test laboratories in Werndorf, Austria and if needed outside laboratories to conduct tests we are not specifically set up for.
14. On Site manufacture of specialty Mica papers.

With our technical staff, we can help our customers develop and test out new ideas and concepts. We will also assist them to adapt existing or newly developed products to their manufacturing process. This helps optimize both performance and cost.


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