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The portfolio is called Isonom.

E-Mobility is not only becoming more and more apparent in daily life around us, but continues to represent an exciting potential for innovation. On the example of the e-motor for the electric or hybrid car drivetrain, the power of the automotive industry can be witnessed to transform decades persisting design stereotypes into new concepts with fascinating power densitiy and manufacturable with a high degree of automation.

As random-wound round wire coils are being superseded by rectangular conductors for hairpin, I-pin or wave winding shapes, the fundamental need remains to separate conductors from each other or from iron core by electrical insulation. We still find the flexible laminates for slot and phase insulation, typically based on functional structures of aramid paper Nomex® serving as thermal, mechanical and chemical protection, and highly temperature resistant polyimide films, such as Kapton®, providing exceptional levels of breakdown voltage. Additional requirements are becoming common, with chemical resistance to cooling media at such ATF (automatic transmission fluid), increased partial discharge resistance as may be required for higher voltage stress in 800V system platforms, or higher levels of CTI (comparative tracking index) to name a few.

ISOVOLTA is recognized by key OEMs and Tier1s as a valued contributor to the e-motor developments, partly through its extensive portfolio of mature products spanning various thermal class and voltage ranges, but also the ability to rapidly develop new solutions and test them according to relevant IEC and other standards.

Nomex and Kapton are registered trademarks of DuPont

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