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An innovative ceramic composite material that withstands high temperatures while remaining light in weight is sought after in many industries. The materials currently available on the market are not only expensive, but only meet the highly complex and specific requirements of the clients in the most rarest of cases. The aeronautics and aerospace industries, but also all other performance-orientated industries such as electro-mobility, long for innovative material developments which are temperature resistant and weight-optimized.

A market revolution named CERAPREG®

With the high-performance silicate-ceramic mixture CERAPREG®, ISOVOLTA Group, as the international leading manufacturer of electric insulation materials, technical laminates and composite materials, brings a unique material to the market which enables far-reaching new developments in various industries and consequently is a true game changer in aeronautics, aerospace and electro-mobility. The material, above all, scores points with a wide spectrum of characteristics which leave the supposed competing products on the market behind entirely:

  • Weight reduction: A reduction in weight of up to 40% as compared to current non-ceramic options is possible as a result of the new material.
  • Durability: The innovative material made of silicate and ceramic withstands a mechanical load at 900°C, is resistant to temperature change and quasi-ductile.
  • Mechanical resilience: As a result of the glazing process the porous material not only becomes airtight, but also remains thermally and mechanically stable. It acts thermally and electrically insulating.
  • Customisable: The design is either rolling stock (prepeg) or custom-built depending on the customer specifications.
  • Drape ability: Upon request the material can be shaped into any three-dimensional shape without loss to the material characteristics. There is no risk of flaking.
  • Shelf-life: CERAPREG® can be stored with low cost - storage does not need to take place in a specific thermal environment.
  • ITAR free: CERAPREG® is not subject to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, therefore export and re-export are unproblematic.
  • Attractive price: CERAPREG® meets the highest requirements of the market as a high-temperature material and is unrivalled not only in performance but also in price.
  • Handling: Can be processed on a polymer based prepreg production line

New opportunities for aeronautics, aerospace, defence and electro-mobility

Everywhere where reliable heat insulation and a significant reduction in weight are crucial, CERAPREG® brings the decisive advantage.

Exhaust pipes for drones, for example, present precisely these material requirements. In the automotive industry one is also faced with the challenge of further developing the performance of exhaust systems or battery boxes. The aeronautics industry can exploit the many advantages of CERAPREG® in turbine construction, among other things.

Know-how sensitive industries

Highly specialised technology know-how and, above all, sovereignty over proprietary in-house developments, processes and data are important arguments for the use of CERAPREG®. The good workability of this material makes it possible for both design and construction features to remain in the hands of the clients and ensures that the advanced knowledge of technology and industry leaders are sustainably guaranteed within one’s own company.

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