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laminated fabric

As a thermosetting laminate based on cotton fabric sheets as a carrier material and modified phenol/formaldehyde resins as a binder, hard fabric has been used industrially since the turn of the century. Due to its good mechanical properties such as high wear resistance, noise and vibration damping, hard fabric is a high-quality material for a wide range of applications in mechanical engineering.

Thanks to its good emergency running properties, hard fabric is suitable as a plain bearing material for running and sliding bushes, toothed racks, gear wheels and other machine elements. When designing the construction, attention must be paid to the layer direction of the fabric inserts. High-quality resins as a binder paired with the best cotton fabrics give this material a high resistance to ageing, whereby the weather and seawater resistance as well as the chemical resistance are to be particularly emphasised.

Machining methods specifically developed for hard fabrics offer high dimensional accuracy at an acceptable cost, especially for parts with a high degree of difficulty.



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