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GFRP-High performance rings for industry

Made of epoxy resins or polyester resins in combination with glass roving, glass mats and glass fabrics, these rings offer good strength or stiffening effects with excellent thermal, electrical and chemical properties. They are mainly used in sensitive application areas such as traffic engineering, generator construction and high-performance mechanical engineering.

Essentiel – winding – procedure

This process is specially adapted to the diverse requirements of our customers. This allows us to create optimal solutions individually for quantity capacities, from one-off production to small batches and large series.

areas of application and production possibilities:

  • Insulation rings
  • Stiffening rings
  • Thrust rings
  • Support rings

The production possibilities range from:

Inner diameter ³ 150 mm
Outer diameter £ 3000 mm
Ring width £ 15mm ³ 100 mm
Ring back height £ 20 mm ³ 400 mm

Of course, the rings are also processed as follows on request:

  • Precise turning to final dimension according to DIN
  • Making recesses
  • Manufacture of all types of fixing holes

In principle, we can handle any requirements in this special segment. Test us!



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