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glass laminated fabric / mat

These laminates were developed in the USA in the years 1945-50 as an alternative to the previously known laminates hard paper, hard fabric and pressed wood, as their mechanical, electrical and thermal properties no longer fully met the increased requirements of newer technologies, especially electronics and rotating components.

Glass silk fabric, roving fabric or glass filament mat made of alkali-free E-glass as a substrate and high-quality epoxy, polyester, melamine, silicone and phenolic resins guarantee the highest quality and a wide range of applications.

Extraordinarily good mechanical values even at temperatures up to 200 ° C, highest tracking resistance, as well as special chemical resistance and ecological neutrality give these materials a top position. Hgw 2372.1 is characterised by special flame resistance in accordance with the requirements for flammability class 94 V-0 according to UL subject 94.



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